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This is a portal site; a doorway to some of my worlds, and specifically an entrance to a small piece of online planet designed and designated for showcasing graphic design and lyric poetry. This site is also a gateway to my other websites.

Please note: This site is in the process of being re-designed and made responsive. Expect a whole new site by late autumn of 2017.

Design Portfolio
A showcase for professional graphic design projects. Links to websites designed and developed, as well as a PDF portfolio for print matter. This page also includes client testimonials.

Painted Jay Books for Artists & Other Creative Folks
Home of 'Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence' and' Drawing Out the Muses'. Unique and original books for artists and other creative folks, offering extensive information, common sense, empowerment and fun! Click the link on the left for Painted Jay, for both ebooks and books in print.

Alexandria Levin Oil Paintings
Dark, beautiful, strange and colorful contemporary realist and semi-surrealist oil paintings; featuring plush creatures, stuffed animals, slightly peculiar still-lifes, semi-abstracted landscapes and a showcase of earlier allegorical paintings.

Illustrated Lyric Poetry
Lyric poetry according to the basic definition of lyric poetry
Poetry that could be construed as song lyrics
Illustrative collage presentation of each poem

Bright Pink Smile Arts Blog
An independent and different sort of art blog; a place to opine, wax poetic, share inspiration and vent steam. Bright Pink Smile offers advice, musings and monthly creativity exercises. It is about being an artist, and is meant for artists and other curious folks. Bright Pink Smile is on temporary haitus while other projects are being persued. However, all archives are fully accessible.

Accidental Photography
Fascination with the still image and collecting material for painting reference has resulted in a collection of strange photos taken from passenger trains. This new section highlights the beginnings of this body of work.

Coloring Pages for Future Voters
Inspired by a colleague who works in voter registration drives and who wanted something to keep children occupied and happy while their parents filled out the registration forms. This is what I do instead of canvassing. These coloring pages are free for downloading, but please do not copy the PDF to another site. Link this page instead. Thank you and happy coloring!

Click here:
Coloring Pages for Little Kids

Coloring Pages for Big Kids

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Kiwi Gourd painting detail by Alexandria Levin

Carnival Squash painting detail by Alexandria Levin

Two-Tone Gourd painting detail by Alexandria Levin


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