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Alexandria Levin
Graphic and Web Design

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Please note: This site is in the process of being re-designed and made responsive. Expect a whole new site by late autumn of 2017.

...Beginning with creating punk rock record covers at night, while working a day job producing financial investment charts...

I am a graphic designer, front-end web developer and designer, art director, fine artist, writer, and creativity coach, with organizational and project management skills. With years of experience in designing and producing a wide range of print and presentation materials, I have worked with an equally diverse clientele from individual artists to major corporations on all kinds of projects.

I have been consistently involved with website design and development for the past seventeen years, as well as being responsible for the project management of websites. Over the years, I have become accomplished in writing CSS, HTML, and media queries.

I offer website analysis, UX/IX, reorganization, updating, banners, color palettes, designs, and layouts, in any combination, or in part. I am also an Instructor/Advisor for the Rutgers-Camden School of Business Executive Education program for their Web Design and Development Certification Course.

My expertise is in being both logical and creative, intuitive and pragmatic. I work to seamlessly combine visionary and perceptive aesthetics, informed by a finely-tuned color sensibility, with an organizational approach that considers both the minute details and the big picture of any project. The result is work that is clean, colorful, functional, and professional.

For super-creative, experienced, high-quality, organized and well-recommended personal service; contact me anytime.

For more detailed experience and a client list, plus other recommendations, see my LinkedIn public profile at


Websites Designed and Developed

Please note: There are other sites in-progress at this time. Please ask for the 'hidden' links.

Site for The Inside-Out Center, National Headquarters of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at Temple University. This site was recently redesigned and developed as a responsive website.

A showcase website, developed in the Bootstrap framework, and created for the purpose of exploring what the possibilities might be. Based on leaf photography, leaf paintings, and leaf poetry snippets, each page is designed for conveying a specific aspect of leaf appreciation. This site is also a work in progress.

Site for the Temenos Community

Site for Acupuncture Center of Chico (responsive website)

Site for HeARTS for Autism®; utilizing the arts for supporting families and raising awareness for the autism spectrum disorders.

Artist websites:

Alexandria Levin websites: (responsive website)


Websites Designed, Banners and App Icons (PDFs)

Daily Kos – Various group banners and icons.

Personnel Travel Consultants – initial designs
Personnel Travel Consultants – final layouts
Cox’s Corner Professional Center – layouts
Studio D Fine Art – layouts
Business Compass LLC – website banner and app icon


Print and Graphic Design (PDFs)

Please note: There are more print materials that cannot be made public, due to client privacy concerns with educational course material. However, I have permission to share these PDFs with prospective clients. Please ask.

Note: Some browsers will not display PDFs correctly. Samples may be sent via email upon request.

The Inside-Out Center – 2016 Higher Education Survey Data
The Inside-Out Center – 2014 Annual Report
The Inside-Out Center
– 2013 color brochure
The Inside-Out Center
– conference poster
The Inside-Out Center – conference folder label
The Inside-Out Center – black and white brochure
The Inside-Out Center – 2012 summer newsletter
The Inside-Out Center – 2011 summer newsletter
The Inside-Out Center – 2010 online newsletter layouts
The Inside-Out Center – 2010 spring newsletter

Witness to Innocence – vertical display banner
Witness to Innocence – promotional bookmark 1
Witness to Innocence – promotional bookmark 2
Witness to Innocence – Speakers Guide
Witness to Innocence
– promotional brochure

City of Hesperia
– 2017 conference booklet, proofing version
City of Hesperia
– 2016 conference booklet, proofing version
City of Hesperia
– 2014 conference booklet, proofing version
City of Hesperia – 2013 conference booklet, proofing version
City of Hesperia – 2012 conference booklet, proofing version

Opportunity High Desert – 2017 conference booklet

Temenos Community – business card, postcard, letterhead
Temenos Community – Spring Retreat Poster
Temenos Community – Fall Retreat Poster
Temenos Community – Day of Peace Poster

WolfSongs – concert poster

Painted Jay Publishing – current book and ebook covers
Painted Jay Publishing – out-of-print book cover

Birthday Cards – social media birthday cards created in Photoshop, featuring my stuffed creatures and photography

PSR Philadelphia – letterhead
PSR Philadelphia – envelope

Funnel Vision – business card and logo
Funnel Vision – booth display banner

Studio D Fine Art
– color charts, logo, business card and letterhead designs, also final layouts for 8-panel brochure

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Rutgers University
NJAES – 2011–12 Professional Landscape Programs Catalog
NJAES – 2011 Fall Landscape Brochure
NJAES – Landscape Basics Brochure
NJAES – Athletic Field Management
NJAES – 2011 Best Practices Report with the NJHOA

Rutgers Business Services – brochure

The Durand Foundation – postcard

Dillon Marcus – leave behind / mailer

Inkari, Music of the Andes – CD and cassette covers

Art Newsletter – three-color sample


Resume available upon request.

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What my clients are saying...

“Alexandria Levin has worked with us for at least 10 years, developing and constantly updating our website, as well as producing PR materials for our program. She has been incredible to work with – superb attention to detail, creative in her approaches, and immediately responsive. She makes suggestions about new and interesting ways to do things, but is always open to our perspectives, whether or not they agree with hers. We could not have been happier than to have the caliber of person Ms. Levin represents. I feel very lucky to have her expertise guiding us in helping us to present ourselves to the general public. She is a real find. High High High Recommendation."
– Lori Pompa
Founder & Executive Director at The Inside-Out Center at Temple University

"I worked extensively with Alexandria when I was working at Witness to Innocence in Philadelphia. Alexandria assisted our organization with designing all our marketing materials and also was our webmaster and designer of our new website. Her work was striking, beautiful and bold, and her designs became the brand that the organization wanted to promote to the public. She was always accessible, so easy and pleasant to work with, and unfailingly patient and kind. Her turnaround time for work was amazing, and her attention to detail was unparalleled compared to other vendors I worked with. I highly recommend Alexandria for any position unreservedly and with full confidence that she’ll do a great job for any company that needs design work done whether it’s for a website, developing marketing materials or any other related work."
– Kathy Spillman
Director, Specialized Programs at Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc.

“Working with Alexandria Levin has been nothing short of a wonderful experience. As she has now constructed multiple websites for Rutgers University; her attention to detail, thoughtful suggestions, and adherence to both timeline and budget have been marvelous. Big-time results from a small professional firm is a rare and very rewarding result.”
– Ray Compari,
Associate Dean and Director,
Rutgers Institute for Management and Executive Development

“The relationship I have developed with Alexandria is one of the most rewarding of my career. Her attention to detail and creative influence have resulted in amazing end results for both websites she has helped me bring to fruition. Her blend of professionalism and genuine congeniality have truly made her a joy to work with. I will continue to call upon her for not only resourceful website development and implementation, but also for her expert opinion when it comes to creativity in general.”
– Karla Medina, Program Coordinator,
Rutgers IMED

“We all need a graphic artist like Alexandria in our lives. She is fast, flexible and affordable, and she is great listener. She has an impressive talent for translating our conversations into attractive, readable and original documents. I am an enthusiastic Alexandria Levin fan.”
– Jim Morris, Associate Director
Rutgers University
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

"I had never been involved in website design prior to my experience with Alexandria, so I did not know what to expect or what problems to anticipate. I had only two requests – first that somehow we capture the feel of the retreat center and secondly that we stay within our budget. Both of my requests were beautifully honored by Alexandria. The feedback from our viewers is always about the peace and beauty of our space. Alexandria got it! She guided me with wisdom and made me a collaborator in the process. She spoke in terms I understand.  Thank you Alexandria for making this a process of creating something beautiful and useful!"
– Judy Lemezis, Program Manager,
Temenos Retreat Center

"The website is a thing of beauty! Great job Alexandria, not only with the beautiful design, but in the outstanding job you did handling all the project management aspects in record time. You kept our noses to the grindstone at all times and your organization and diligence paid off! Bravo!!!!"
– Jackie Pantaliano, President, ImPRessions

Alexandria has recently updated my website, which she originally created a couple of years ago. She has simply done a superb job! It is very artistic, organized and effective. I wanted to have the site updated before my solo exhibition opening day, and she did it ahead of schedule. She knows the sensitivity that an artist needs, and she is always very thorough and dependable.
– Mashiul Chowdhury

“My website showcases my work and represents me because Alexandria brought everything together and organized it. I am an artist and she made sense of my scattered thoughts and ideas. Alexandria is just what artists like me need.”
– Cathy Hozack, Artist

“In designing my website Alexandria’s work has all the sensitivity and strong decision making that one would find in the best gallery curator. It is always wonderful to know that my own work is safe in the hands of a fellow artist. ...and so it is.”
– James Tafel Shuster


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