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Branding and Icons

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Branding is not simply using a logo or color repeatedly. Branding is a feel, a sensibility, a way of visually communicating who you are. Branding, done well, expresses what you, your company, and/or your organization has to offer to your customers, clientele, and/or audience.

As a professional graphic designer, I am experienced with identity and branding. I have created systems from scratch and I have worked within already-set visual protocols, such as identity guides. Guidelines spark creativity, whether self-imposed or not, and matching sets of anything are a whole lot of fun to create.

Icons are the building blocks of infographics. Icons as little snippets of illustration are clever and colorful devices of communication. As seen here, I have the ability to create custom icons and infographics to fit your specialized needs.

Inside-Out infographic poster

Inside-Out Infographic Poster

The infographic from the 2017 Annual Report was so popular, I was asked to create a poster version for the 20th Anniversary conference for The Inside-Out Center at Temple University. This version is the February 2021 iteration of the infographic.

graphic icons

Rutgers University – Continuing Education

A few years ago, I created a series of icons in Adobe InDesign, for use in illustrating online coursework for a department at Rutgers University. All colors presented were in accordance with the Rutgers Identity Manual.

Business Compass banner and icon

Business Compass

As one of my smaller projects, I was asked to design a graphic banner and an app icon for Business Compass.

Funnel Vision Banner


FunnelVision, based in Florida, requested a logo and a look that conveyed a sense of playfulness, elegance, and speed.

Presented in the accompanying image are the company business card and a booth display banner.

Studio D identity and logo

Studio D Fine Art

With Studio D, the 'D' was of utmost importance, with a design that needed to be both sweetly quirky and artfully sophisticated.