Alexandria Levin painting detail
Alexandria Levin painting detail


I often describe myself as an artist who is good friends with math, and I adore building websites from scratch. I have been consistently involved with website design and development for the past eighteen years, and I am often responsible for the project management of these sites, as well. In the process, I have become highly accomplished in writing CSS, HTML, and media queries. I now work in CSS Grid Layout, which is considered to be the most up-to-date website development process, and the way forward into the future. Anything I do not know, I can learn, and I learn best by doing. I have that kind of mind.

Although I am capable of doing trendy work, I know that trends pass. I am much more interested in doing what is best for you, and therefore, what is best for your clientele, customers, or audience. You are not like everybody else. Your business or organization is one-of-a-kind, and your site should reflect that which makes you unique.

Along with design and front-end development of whole sites, I offer website analysis, reorganization, updating, UI/UX, graphic elements, color palettes, designs, and layouts; in any combination, or in part.

I have designed and developed dozens of websites over the years. Below are sites that I am currently involved with, and where the client prefers that I do the maintenance and updating. Newer sites, and soon-to-be updated sites, are towards the top of this page.