Alexandria Levin painting detail
Alexandria Levin painting detail


I often describe myself as an artist who is good friends with math. These two things together = my love of building websites from scratch. I have been consistently involved with website design and development for many years. In the process, I have become highly accomplished in writing CSS, HTML, and media queries, as well as with project management. I currently work in the CSS Grid Layout method, which is considered to be the way forward in website development.

Along with the design and front-end development of whole sites, I offer anything UI or UX, website analysis, reorganization, updating, web graphics, color palettes, designs, and layouts; in any combination, or in part. I work equally well on my own or as part of a team.

I have designed and developed many dozens of websites over the years. Below are sites where the client prefers that I do the maintenance.

The Inside-Out Center mini-site image

The Inside-Out Center

W.Studio site image

W.Studio Skin & Body Care

This custom site was launched in 2021 for the grand opening of W.Studio Skin & Body Care.

W.Studio is a skin and body care clinic and spa based in northern New Jersey. The client requested a unique spa site with a clean design, and required the colors of red and gold.

This site was developed in the CSS Grid Layout method and is fully responsive. 

W.Studio site image

ForPlay Racing Motorcycles

This brand new site launched in 2022. Another custom site based on the client's wishes, it was developed in the CSS Grid Layout method and is fully responsive.

At this very moment the Showcase pages are being developed, and as soon as I receive all the images from the client, this extensive section will go live, which should happen sometime before summer is over.

ACAVS home page image


A site with a technical sensibility, for a client based in Silicon Valley. The ACAVS site is a fully-responsive website, created in the CSS Grid Layout method.

Doors32 Support home page image

Doors32 Support

A new site, recently developed for the people at ACAVS. Much of the branding is the same between the two sites, so that they would feel to be part of the same company, yet still be their own distinct entity.

The Doors32 Support site is a fully-responsive website, created in the CSS Grid Layout method.

ImPRessions home page image


This website was designed and developed for a public relations client, who adores the various metaphors that trees represent. I wanted to give her a site that was both professional and poetic, as well as functional and easy-to-navigate, so that her clientele would have a good experience in discovering all that she has to offer in her business.

The ImPRessions site is a fully-responsive website created in Bootstrap 3.

AnimaliA home page image

AnimaliA Holistic Veterinary Care

The AnimaliA website was created for a holistic veterinarian who needed an online presence that was both serious, to represent her practice, and playful, to reflect the beloved pets that she cares for. She also requested the color scheme of turquoise, purple, and aqua... With a tiniest bit of red for good business feng shui.

The AnimaliA site was created in CSS Grid Layout and is a fully-responsive website.

The Painted Jay Publishing LLC home page image

Painted Jay Publishing LLC

This is the site for Painted Jay Publishing LLC, my own self-publishing company. It exists as an informational site only, as my books and ebooks sell in online venues such as Amazon, and I keep no inventory.

This site was redesigned and developed from scratch in 2018 in CSS Grid Layout, and is fully responsive. Check out the Mondrian-like layouts on some of the pages. This can only happen in Grid. Fun!

the alexalev home page image

Alexandria Levin • Oil Paintings

This site was launched in February, 2019. Created in the CSS Grid Layout method, it is hand-coded from scratch with an original design, and is fully responsive.

Not typical of most artist sites, this one tells stories, and has an 'evolution' section via the archives (the non-responsive previous site, still rich with content), presenting the growth and changes that an artist naturally takes over the years.

The Acupuncture Center of Chico home page image

The Acupuncture Center of Chico

This is a responsive website, created in Bootstrap 3, based on an earlier design from a fixed-width centering site.

the Bright Pink Smile home page image

Bright Pink Smile

This was my first self-taught responsive site, working with Adobe Dreamweaver CC before Bootstrap was included. I learned much about how responsive sites work in the process of developing this site. Bright Pink Smile, by the way, is my sorely neglected artist blog. However, there is much good writing in the archives on the topic of being an artist.