vintage graphic design tools
vintage graphic design tools


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If you can imagine it, I can work with you to create it. If you need me to imagine it, I can do that too.

I have extensive experience with all phases of digital print design and production, including brochures, booklets, direct-mail, packaging, logos, business forms, invitations, booth display, PowerPoint presentations, advertisements, newsletters, book covers and interiors, promotional postcards, business cards, letterhead, posters, and flyers... all the way to online study guides.

The Inside-Out Center print materials

The Inside-Out Center

Hesperia annual retail booklet cover

City of Hesperia

I designed the annual promotional retail booklet for the City of Hesperia for a number of years, until the project no longer existed.

table of contents for report

Rutgers University

I worked on various projects for a few departments at Rutgers University for a number of years. I also taught one-on-one online courses in web design and development for Executive Education at Rutgers-Camden.

Witness to Innocence print items

Witness to Innocence

Here are a few of the print projects which I created for Witness to Innocence.

Temenos Community print posters

Temenos Community

These are samples of print collateral which I designed for the Temenos Community, another long-term client, with a sensibility conveying nature, wonder, and spirituality.