poem and painting collage
poem and painting collage


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I can't help it. This is simply how I am wired. A natural synesthete with an ability to both intuit and imagine, there is much I can do for you. And if you would like to benefit from a true artist's visual intelligence and sensibility applied to your project/s, then I am your person.

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I am a painter. I became a freelancer so that I could balance painting with graphic design.

I paint what I want, with no outside influences telling me what to do. This freedom with paint allows me to devote my design work to fulfulling a client's needs first. My ego in design is satisfied by doing the best possible creative work for someone else.

Painted Jay Publishing book covers

Painted Jay Publishing

I've even written a book on creativity... For all three books shown here, I am the author, designer, producer, and publisher... Everything but the printer.

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